Pro-3® Duty Holsters

Partner up with the Pro-3 Duty Holster. It’s patented three-point locking system—top, rear and side—keeps your firearm right where it belongs. Solidly secure, and as ready as ever. Just release the thumb break for an easy draw. The toil of carrying a holster is reduced, thanks to an ergonomic design that works with your body in all scenarios. The Pro-3 has earned the respect of many an officer, and it deserves yours.


  1. Patented internal locking device
  2. Molded thumb break­
  3. Adjustable tensioning device
  4. Patented laminated construction— either MIRAGE® or Kodra nylon exterior, foam core and smooth nylon lining
  5. Positive triggerguard stop positions gun the same way every time
  6. Holster suspended within patented Kydex® exoskeleton for support, strength and rigidity
  7. Non-stretch retention strap works with molded thumb break to stay open for easy, one-handed re­hol­ster­ing.
  8. Patented, molded sight track protects front sight and reduces holster wear



BERETTA 92, 90 TWO, S&W KAL. 45, 5" Lauf, Rechts oder Links


GLOCK 17, 19, 22, 23, 31, Rechts oder Links

GLOCK 20, 21, 29, 30, 36, S&W M&P nur Rechts

HK USP, Walther P 99


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